YDX Announces the Launch of Parabellum Esports, Canada’s Newest Competitive Esports Team

Dec 17, 2020


VANCOUVER, B.C. – December 17th, 2020 – YDX Innovation Corp (TSX-V: YDX, OTC: YDRMF, FSE: APY1) (“YDX” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the launch of Canada’s newest esports team Parabellum Esports.  (“PBLM”).  The name Parabellum, is Latin for “Prepare for Battle” and reflects their core precepts of integrity, competition and victory. 

Starting in 2021, PBLM will field rosters in Valorant, Rainbow Six, CSGO, Brawlhalla, NHL21, Fortnite, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, iRacing and FIFA. PBLM has also mandated its commitment in being the first esports organization to embrace gender parity with having at least 40% of their competitive and content teams represented by women. 

PBLM is rebranded from the previously announced acquisition of SxD Esports. Given the increasing demand, PBLM will also continue to sell merchandise under that name in 2021.  Chris Lamarucciola will serve as PBLM’s President and Justin Corlevic will serve as its General Manager.

“Today the sun sets on SxD Esports, and it rises with Parabellum, a new esports organization born in Canada that will showcase the best and brightest that this country has to offer.  Our focus is winning, plain and simple,” according to Chris Lamarucciola

Parabellum has recently made a string of new player and content creator signings most notably, Juwan ‘JBoogie’ Brescacin who will be lacing up for the Toronto Argos this season, while showcasing his Call of Duty skills on stream.  According to Brescacin, “I’m really excited to be joining the Parabellum team and continuing to create content and engage my fans and supports.”

With the announced merger with Amuka Esports, YDX will now have a complete esports ecosystem with venues, leagues, tournaments, media and now a competitive teams division. This uniquely positions the company to be able to offer brand activations across all verticals in the esports universe, something that major brands have been asking for.

“We are amped to be able to finally announce PBLM, an esports team like none other.  We want to be Canada’s team, to represent our country and showcase to the world what we are made from.  We are here to entertain, to compete and to win,” according to Ben Feferman, CEO of Amuka Esports. 

According to a recent publication by Forbes, the most valuable esports company currently is TSM, with a valuation of US$ 410 Million, followed by Cloud 9, valued at US$ 350 Million. It is interesting to note that the revenues from those organizations come from 50% and 70% (respectively) from esports, the remaining coming from services like TSM’s Blitz, which has 10 million active monthly users and offers playing analysis and training sessions. Other main sources of revenues include social media channels and content creators.

“Parabellum is a strategic move for the YDX Esports Division and our future post-merger with Amuka Esports. We want to pave a solid road for players that want to go from amateur to professional gaming and provide several services and products to help them along the way. We are creating an ecosystem that benefits from the training algorithms of Purple Mage, the content creation from Render, the merchandising expertise for Organized Gaming and now the academy and professional gaming that will be led by Parabellum. We could not be more excited about this merger with Amuka and all the potential that 2021 brings. All the pieces are in place now and YDX is ready for our next phase of evolution.” – Stated Daniel Japiassu, CEO of YDX Innovation.

For more information about Parabellum, please follow https://twitter.com/PBLMesports

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YDX Innovation Corp. (TSXV: YDX :: www.ydxinnovation.com) is a global leader in the commercialization of immersive new technologies that incorporate virtual reality, augmented reality, esports and gaming.   Its core business seeks to monetize through licensing its IP, developing interactive exhibitions and through esports tournaments and content. 

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